What are the reasons to watch Anime?

Anime seems to be among those forms of leisure that some people appear to be wary about. We didn’t mind watching Dragon Ball Z or Sailor Moon before school when we were younger, and you surely remember those times fondly. Furthermore, as people get older, they are more prone to push anime ดูอนิเมะซับไทย to the side and designate it as a no-no. But, to reignite interest in Anime, we’ve produced a list of reasons why everyone should watch it.

Action moments to die for:

And it’s not just fighting sequences! Anime has always been about violence, and the way it’s written encourages action to weave its way into the plot of any story. Even filler episodes usually have anything to do with something fascinating. Fight scenes, in general, maybe breathtaking because the use of animation as a technique allows for a level of creativity that is not possible to create with live-action.

Characters with strong female protagonists:

Meant’s a common misperception about how Anime depicts women, but I’m here to tell you that, physique aside, female characters in Anime aren’t there to serve as male fan service. There were no damsels in distress here (well, mostly)—these are influential, vibrant individuals! Women in anime fight alongside men in action scenes, and they’re just as likely to kick-ass and call each other names as the guys.

It instructs you on Japanese culture:

This one is a little more subtle, but each Anime is loaded with facts about Japanese culture; from familiar words and colloquialisms to popular festivals, holidays, mythology, and folk law, each story incorporates a little piece of a great civilization.

The opportunities are limitless:

What’s the most bizarre story you can come up with? There’s almost certainly an anime for it. Is there a school for obsessive gamblers? Check. Is there a universe in which humans coexist alongside a variety of mythological creatures? Check. The adventures of a man who eats a mystical fruit and aspires to be the Pirate King? Check. It’s awe-inspiring that there are no limits to the number of planets or characters that can exist.

Heroes have weaknesses and die at the end of the story:

Characters in Anime are not spared by plot armor, which is the inverse of number 2. Even the most essential character in the story is susceptible to death and defects. Perfect characters don’t exist in Anime, and when they do, it’s generally to establish a plot point. Not the plots, but just since something is drawn does not mean it cannot be realistic or relevant. The majority of animes will have significant moral concepts based on real-life scenarios. Decision-making, the ability to overcome loss, and the value of familial relationships are all cornerstones of practically every Anime you’ll ever see.

The creatures are intriguing and unusual:

Characters in Anime are incredibly colorful and diverse. People in Anime have complex personalities. They’re entire people (even when they aren’t human), they have hopes and objectives, and there’s a lot of variety in who they are. Ghosts, detectives, ghouls, sailors, demons, high school students, office employees… the list is endless, and there is no limit to what or who a character can be.